What Centering Student Experience Looks like

on Apr 8, 2021
What does centering students look like in action? What characteristics should a leader look for as evidence of equity and learning-centered practice?

In this excerpt from a recent webinar, Jose Rivera, assistant superintendent of Grandview School District, Wash., shares how he engages with issues of race in his district, especially as it relates to coaching programs.

Watch as Jose shares:

  • Why knowing your district’s racial make up is so critical
  • How to leverage the culture, language and beliefs that your students bring to the table in the classroom
  • What he means by “our students are volunteers” and three key questions he thinks educators should be asking them
  • Why you don’t want students just to tell you what you want to hear

Are you interested in diving deeper into the connection between centering students and equitable leadership practices? Our frameworks are a great place to start.

System and school Leaders: the Four Dimensions of School LeadershipTM includes vision statements and guiding questions that help clarify your steps forward.

School leaders and instructional coaches: the Teacher Learning Guiding Principles supports your inquiry into what makes adult learning effective and lead to inclusive classrooms.

About the author

At the Center for Educational Leadership we partner with courageous leaders in classrooms, schools and the systems that support them to eliminate educational inequities by creating cultures of rigorous teaching, learning and leading. Our vision is transformed schools empowering all students regardless of background to create limitless futures for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.
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