Our frameworks offer a vision for practice based on research and grounded in equitable impacts for students. Built on vision statements and guiding questions — and organized under manageable dimensions — they serve as scaffolds for inquiry, reflection, collaboration and deliberate practice. 

Principal Support Framework

The Principal Support Framework is a tool for central office leaders to eliminate inequitable student experiences and outcomes. Updated in 2022, this framework has four action areas that offer a student-centered vision for system leaders to partner with school leaders...

4 Dimensions of School Leadership™

The 4D™ framework describes key actions and dispositions for equity-driven school leaders. It illustrates what school leaders need to know and do to ensure that each student, particularly those furthest from justice, has a school experience that prepares them for a limitless future.

5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning™

The 5D™ framework is a comprehensive reflection of the core elements of effective teaching. It provides a shared language for instruction that grounds teaching and learning in classroom environment and culture, student engagement, curriculum and pedagogy, assessment for student learning and purpose. 

Teacher Learning Guiding Principles

To create schools and classrooms where all students belong, take ownership of their ideas and have agency in their learning, educators must work and learn differently. This framework identifies what teachers and leaders should do to grow collective efficacy for more equitable experiences and outcomes.