Principal as the Turning Point: EduTalks 2020

on Mar 20, 2020

While the impact teachers make on learning is well-understood, there’s less appreciation for how principals can foster learning environments that empower students.

In this six-minute video, Joanna Michelson, director of teacher leadership and learning at the UW Center for Educational Leadership (CEL), shares insights from the work she does with principals and district leaders. Drawing examples from the transformational leadership improvements at the rural Blaine School District in Washington state, she invites the audience to recall their own experiences as students — and to consider how much adult learning impacts student learning.


“Whatever it is you want for students, create that for teachers first. Remember, adult and student learning are intertwined. So if (you want) students to develop their sense of agency, then teachers need to develop their sense of agency as well.”

– Joanna Michelson 

The video was recorded as part of the UW College of Education’s EduTalks 2020 event.

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At the Center for Educational Leadership we partner with courageous leaders in classrooms, schools and the systems that support them to eliminate educational inequities by creating cultures of rigorous teaching, learning and leading. Our vision is transformed schools empowering all students regardless of background to create limitless futures for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.
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