Professional Learning

Leading for Teacher Professional Learning


You believe that helping your teaching staff work together better will shift the school culture — and make a difference for students. You’ve seen the value of collective efficacy, but you aren’t sure how to lead for it.
In Leading for Teacher Professional Learning partnerships, you’ll identify professional learning opportunities that are tied directly to your students’ experiences and their growth opportunities. You’ll also develop the leadership practices to foster conditions for teachers to learn and improve together.


  • Students take ownership of their ideas, thinking, learning and engagement
  • Teachers increase their ownership and agency for collaboration that leads to changes in teaching
  • Leaders sponsor, develop and sustain conditions for relevant teacher professional learning



Principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches and lead teachers most often participate as a school team or a network of school teams within a district.
“When everyone is engaging in a similar process in multiple different venues throughout the year, that’s when we see growth. We’re building a system that is going to be able to continue.”
– Casey Harkleroad, instructional coach



Our initial work will include a needs assessment, including student and teacher interviews, observations of instruction and teacher collaboration, and a review of existing professional learning efforts.
We’ll collaboratively identify strengths to build on and form a long-term vision and plan grounded in student learning.
We’ll then help you contextualize your plan for your most critical opportunities through facilitated learning walks, leadership coaching, teacher group facilitation and support for teacher leaders.

Our approach ensures that your investment will be aligned with ESSA’s requirement for professional learning. All activities are sustained, intensive, collaborative, job-embedded, data-driven and classroom-focused.