Professional Learning

Coaching Academy

Looking for a community to build skills with? We’re offering the Coaching Collaborative in August 2021. Find the course description, dates, costs and more here.


Do you have a coaching program with the potential to make a greater impact?

In the Coaching Academy, you’ll create a vision of an impactful coaching cycle that’s shared across the system. You’ll also identify the opportunities coaching is working to address, develop a theory of action for coaching and build skills to implement a coaching approach that makes an immediate difference for both student and teacher learning.


  • Students get increased access and opportunities for meaningful learning
  • Teachers increase efficacy, belief and actions to impact students’ learning
  • Leaders develop a shared vision for instructional coaching and strategies to grow the coaching program


Teams of coaches and administrators within a school or district, and central office leaders who oversee coaches.

“I used to think that coaching was about getting teachers to do things that were new to them,  but now I know that coaching is about making things happen for teachers, on their terms.”


– Casey Harkleroad, instructional coach


After a launch session, participants engage in five learning cycles. The session topics include:

Our partnership provides contextualized, side-by-side support through the year. We collaborate to develop high-impact classroom coaching skills and the sponsorship required to sustain teacher and student growth.