Professional Learning

Instructional Leadership Teams


Is the instructional leadership capacity of your school stretched thin because all the responsibility is falling to a single administrator? 
With Instructional Leadership Teams (ILT), you’ll learn the structures and skills needed to develop shared leadership practices. You’ll create an actionable, contextualized plan that helps you develop and sustain ILTs — so you can foster a growth-focused culture and continuously improve teaching and learning outcomes at your school.


  • Students get increased access to meaningful learning opportunities
  • Teachers receive actionable feedback and professional learning that’s tied to their students’ real needs
  • Leaders develop a shared vision of effective instruction and a high-performing team to guide it 



Instructional Leadership Teams is designed for teams of school leaders (principals, assistant principals and teacher leaders) and the central office leaders who support them.
“I now have the ability to go into the classroom and look for elements of the teaching practice with a more critical eye — and help a good teacher become a great teacher.”
– Principal



School leaders will understand their role as a “leader of leaders” to support the improvement of instructional practice.
The team will be able to use instructional data to determine their staff’s professional development needs, define meeting structures and clarify purposes of meetings for their school-specific plan.
All participants will have access to an ILT toolbox that includes online resources for sustaining the work of the ILT.