Got Support? Principals and Their Central Offices

Today’s principals must be more than disciplinarians. They also need to be public relations professionals, curricula experts, data specialists — and instructional leaders. Learn how school systems across the country are adapting to this changed reality.

The role of the principal has been changing. Gone is the idea of the principal as building manager and disciplinarian. Today’s successful principal is also a public relations professional, curriculum expert, data specialist and — most importantly — an instructional leader.
School systems across the country are trying to adapt to this changed reality. But what do central offices need to change in order to better support principals? Are there key practices that create the right conditions for principals to succeed?
In this webinar, current Executive Director Max Silverman and Amanda von Moos, managing director at The Central Office Project, show the current state of central office practice, the pioneering work of some school districts and emerging best practices developed in the Leading for Effective Teaching project.
In this webinar you will learn:
  • How CEL’s Principal Support Framework helps central offices think about practices that support principals
  • What the results of a survey of central office leaders from across the country tell us about key trends and themes in the field
  • How you can compare your central office practices to other central office leaders taking the survey

Watch the webinar