Professional Learning

Leading Equitable Schools


Leaders of equitable school communities know how to make student experience a focal point for improvement, establish a vision for student learning and align it to instruction, and support teacher professional learning around meaningful problem-solving opportunities. Collective leadership is a key ingredient for equitable schools, and collective leadership requires awareness of how one’s own lived experience influences leadership.
Leading Equitable Schools is a collaborative opportunity for school leaders in your system to focus on key skills and dispositions for developing equitable schools. Using the 4 Dimensions of School Leadership™ as a guide for reflection, you’ll examine the experiences of students furthest from justice and take steps to ensure they have experiences in school that fulfill their full social, emotional and academic potential. 


  • Students develop new paths for their voices and experiences to guide leadership practice 
  • Teachers benefit from collective leadership that values their expertise and knowledge
  • Leaders develop knowledge, mindsets and skills in key areas such as authentic listening, long-term vision building, and fostering a collaborative culture to build equitable school practices 



Leading Equitable Schools is for school leaders, as well as the central office leaders who support them. 



Through 4-5 professional learning sessions and 4-5 embedded learning experiences, you’ll craft a vision with your teams of leadership for equitable schools and apply new skills in context. Embedded learning experiences may include:
  • Learning walks
  • Student focus groups
  • School culture observations
  • Design labs
There’s also an option to include coaching for central office leaders.