Talk About the Chauvin Verdict: How Open Conversation is Moving Racial Justice Forward at CEL

Apr 21, 2021

Yesterday, we witnessed an instance of accountability in racial justice when the Chauvin trial concluded with a guilty verdict.


Today, the work for justice continues. At CEL, this began with open conversation about race, particularly the lived experiences of Black Americans. CEL team members have spoken with system leaders about the need for continued accountability, for the space to heal, and about educators’ roles in eliminating the most persistent inequities in student experiences.


Below is a short list of resources that encourage conversations to continue in the days ahead.


– Advice on how to have meaningful conversations about the Chauvin trial with children.


– Insight into how teachers are handling this sensitive subject.


– Reflections by a Black father and professor, who’s 13-year-old son inquired about why this trial was necessary.