Continued Commitment to Educational Justice

Jan 19, 2024

We’re proud to announce the appointment of two powerhouse education leaders, Dr. Gustavo Balderas and Dr. Melvin Brown, to our advisory board. These appointments reinforce our commitment to providing leader-focused professional learning that emphasizes educational justice and centers student experience.

Dr. Gustavo Balderas: A seasoned Leader Committed to Student-Centric Change

Dr. Gustavo Balderas, Superintendent of Beaverton School District, brings over three decades of experience to CEL’s advisory board. As a son of migrant farm workers and a product of Oregon public schools, Dr. Balderas deeply understands the importance of valuing unique student experiences and actively listening to their needs.

Dr. Balderas’s leadership extends nationally, serving as the President of the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS) and as President-Elect of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA). This tireless leader is committed to preparing the next generation of leaders who will continue the transformational work of education equity.

Because of Dr. Balderas’s extensive experience working across school systems, he understands the importance of building the right systems to achieve and sustain the right outcomes. Dr. Balderas is excited to join CEL because this is the heart of our work. He said, “CEL helps foster systems that create sustainable change in schools that’s going to make a lasting impact on kids over time.”

Dr. Melvin Brown: A True Public Education Champion

With an extensive career spanning decades and a deep commitment to public education, Dr. Melvin Brown, Superintendent of Montgomery School District, brings a rich depth of knowledge to CEL’s advisory board. Dr. Brown’s journey from breaking the poverty cycle himself to becoming a tireless advocate for public education reflects his dedication to empowering students and their communities.

Dr. Brown emphasizes the importance of engaging with students directly and valuing their unique perspectives. Despite the demands of his role, Dr. Brown finds joy in the classroom, witnessing the transformative power of education in action. The best part of the work, according to Dr. Brown, is the opportunity to impact tomorrow’s generation.

Dr. Brown’s passion aligns with CEL’s mission to support leaders in creating more inclusive schools for students across the country. He is looking forward to joining the CEL advisory board because of CEL’s focus on supporting leaders who are creating schools where all students, especially those furthest from justice, have limitless opportunities. Preparing leaders to go into schools and communities to change the trajectory is a commitment of Dr. Brown’s: “We need to build better capacity for the future if we’re ever going to live up to the best that we can be.”

Collaborating for Change: CEL’s Commitment to Transformative Education

We’re excited to welcome Dr. Gustavo Balderas and Dr. Melvin Brown to our advisory board, as we continue to provide professional learning that drives systemic change in the pursuit of education equity. Together, we will work towards creating inclusive and student-focused cultures where all students can be happy and proud.

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