Confronting Racism – Standing with the Black community

Jun 2, 2020

Seattle, WA

Our CEL team stands with the Black community in the face of the racism and injustice that have again come into sharp focus this past week. These injustices are long-standing, as is the pain caused by them.

We are dedicated to doing our part to end this injustice — and we vow to support courageous leaders in leading with an equity agenda. Today, we’re doubling down on living our values and honoring lives taken because of the very inequities we seek to eliminate. People are the core. We believe equity, empowerment, respect, balance and celebration vitalize our most precious resource.

As an organization we will not look away from injustice. We know we have much to learn as we stand beside leaders of organizations and school systems confronting racism and injustice every day. Toward this end, we commit to listen, understand and take action on behalf of Black students and families across the country.