Professional Learning

Building Your Equity Leadership Vision


A first step for growing equity-centered, learning-focused leadership in your school system is to understand your current state and the strength of shared vision for change. Students say they want their school experiences to make them feel “happy and proud,” and equity-centered, learning-focused leaders continually refine their practice to create environments and experiences that make students feel this way. Starting with authentic listening to students, we will help you understand where you currently are and envision where you want to go as you develop equitable school leadership practices in your system. 

Building Your Equity Leadership Vision is a collaborative undertaking for us and you to learn together about how equity and equity leadership are understood in your system today — as well as what aspirations for the future matter most to your school communities. Through the use of focus groups and review of key artifacts, we help your system design systems, structures and approaches to develop leaders of equitable school communities.   


You’ll get clear about how equity and equity leadership is understood in your community, name your system’s current and aspirational state — and create a roadmap for growing equity-driven school leadership across your system.



Building Your Equity Leadership Vision is for school leaders, as well as the central office leaders who support them.




A sponsor and team from your school system collaborate closely with us to create a process for gathering feedback and aspirations that fits the context of your community. Using the 4 Dimensions of School Leadership™ as a foundation, we will conduct focus groups and interviews to understand the connections that are being made between equitable student experiences and the expectations and supports for developing leadership practice. We will also review and engage with you on key policies, artifacts and processes. As a result of this partnership, you’ll gain findings and recommendations to contextualize a plan for how to grow equity-centered, learning-focused leadership across your system. 




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