Grow Your Equity Stance as a Central Office Leader Webinar on March 28

Mar 15, 2022

CEL’s use of the 4 Dimensions of School Leadership™ and our facilitation of equity leadership diagnostic reviews across a set of school systems led us to recently revise the Principal Support Framework, a tool for central office leaders.

The role of principal continues to evolve with a more intensive focus on centering student experience and equity. Principal success requires a deeper commitment to equity from central office leaders.

In February, we unveiled the latest Principal Support Framework (PSF) at the AASA National Conference on Education.

With the recent updates, the PSF has become one of the only frameworks for central office leaders that centers student experience — and the pre-conference session attendees learned how to apply it in support of principals who serve as equity-driven, learning focused leaders.

On March 28, 2022, CEL is hosting a free webinar to share the framework updates with more leaders.


Grow Your Equity Stance as a Central Office Leader
March 28, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Pacific


The hour will include a walk-through of our Principal Support Framework, examples of leaders who’ve found new ways to lead for equity, and time to reflect on your own challenges and opportunities in the company of hundreds of education leaders from across the country.

Max Silverman, executive director, and Michele Mason, senior director, are co-presenting this webinar. All central office leaders, regardless of district size, are encouraged to attend. A session recording will be shared via email with all registrants.

The registration link is