Doors Open for Coaching Collaborative Registration

May 12, 2021

Seattle, WA

The 2021-2022 Coaching Collaborative has opened for registration.

This is a yearlong, side-by-side professional learning opportunity for coaches that’s grounded in timeless principles — and responsive to whatever challenges arise in the teaching and learning environment.

Participants will gain coaching skills that they can apply immediately. They’ll learn how to enact coaching cycles that build teacher efficacy, and they’ll discover ways to leverage their coaching programs and center students for more equity in classrooms. 

CEL is offering this dynamic online learning experience for the second year. The current cohort has coaches from districts all across the country — and the 2021-2022 participants will enjoy the same strong community experience that they have.


The collective begins with a kick-off on August 9.

Please visit our registration page for more details on course content, meeting dates and costs. CEL is offering an early bird discount to everyone who registers by May 26.