CEL is on Twitter Live — Here’s How to Find Us

Apr 8, 2020

Seattle, WA
In March, University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership began using Twitter live streams as a way of connecting with educators across the country in real time. 
We’ve put together a how-to guide for those who are new to watching live videos on Twitter.
How to Watch the Live Stream
Go to twitter.com/uwcel. You can join via mobile or a computer with a browser. At the start of the event, the tweet at the top of the page will include a video in progress. You can hear the audio by clicking on the video. (If you’re on the page ahead of time, you may need to refresh your browser immediately after the event starts to see the live stream.)
Do I Need a Twitter Account or to Sign Up?
You don’t need a Twitter account, and you don’t need to sign up before hand, either.
You just need to pull up twitter.com/uwcel during the event to see it live. If you can’t be there live, you can use that same link to watch the recording any time afterwards.
Can I Ask Questions During the Live Stream?
Yes, we welcome your participation! If you’re a registered Twitter user, simply send CEL a tweet @uwcel. If you’re not registered with Twitter, you can also submit your questions and comments via email. Although we may not get to your question during the live event, you will get a reply shortly after. 
The first live stream, a 10-minute conversation between Max Silverman, executive director, and Michele Mason, director of instructional leadership, has been viewed 865 times as of April 8.
The next live stream is scheduled for April 10, 2020 at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time, and will be hosted by Stephanie Bradford and Renee Gallagher, both project directors at the Center of Educational Leadership. They’ll be sharing stories about how educators are thinking about teacher efficacy in amid a pandemic—and applying that thinking to collaborate, get better and problem-solve.